24 hours in Ho Chi Minh

First stop after attacking our breakfast buffet was  42 Nguyễn Huệ , a hidden gem nustled off the busy high street plucked from hauteculturefashion’s comprehensive guide to the city 

Packed with crafty coffee shops and boutiques it was a feast for the eyes and a problem for my wallet. One of the best things about Ho Chi Minh is how unique each building’s decor is, and this was no exception. My favourite find was definitely boum boutique which takes vintage kimonos and reconstructs them into dresses, tops, bags, you name it! Their work is really beautiful.




Next up we pottered past a salon offering cheap pedicures so we got ourselves some twinkle toes, resulting in a new fixation of this Opi shade . Apparently it’s called ‘You’re such a BudaPest’ – universe telling me where to head next? :p


In a swift change of tone we headed straight for the War Remnants Museum. It’s an intense experience. The level of detail  that the violence is described in is inescapably graphic. I felt shamefully uneducated about the specifics of the war, and wanted to gain a greater understanding of why it had occurred; I’m not sure how much more knowledge I gleaned of America’s motives from the exhibits themself, but it definitely leaves you with an indelible image of the combat. One of the things that struck me the most was the scale of the protests across the globe against the war, and also the cycles of violence that left their mark on Vietnam.  Reading about the methods of torture used against the Vietnamese prisoners  by the French I couldn’t help but notice these methods being recycled later by the Vietnamese against the USA… in filmic portrayals of the fighting which is all honesty was my main point of reference prior to this. If anyone has any pointers of good sources to study please give me a head up! But yeah, it really makes you consider of taught modes of behaviour and humanity’s tendency to repeat our mistakes/crimes against each other.  I think especially now when things seem so uncertain for many of us, that might be particularly important to bear in mind.

In the evening , after chowing down some tasty grub in a cafe with the CUTEST cat, we headed to The View rooftop bar which lived up to his name. Lots of lovely lanterns and spiralling plant life. And then it was time to head back to the hotel to dump our stuff before going out to Pham Ngu Lao. So many bars to choose from and the falafel wrap of your dreams for when the Long Island Iced Teas start getting the better of you.


Wish we had more time? Definitely.

Going back? Without a doubt.

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