Insta spotlight: Mognemu

Japanese digital illustrator and invoker of sad-girl spirits everywhere.

“R U Mine?”


Those of you who know me will know that I’ve been hankering after a digital drawing pad for a while. It seems like the perfectly portable way to cultivate a portfolio and to take your illustrations (paintings, gifs, whatever!) to the next level, giving artists the option of animating projects or play around with images without committing changes. Which is exactly what Mognemu has gently introduced into her dreamy drawings. Anyone getting a Sophia Coppola meets Japan vibe?

Watch a clip of Mognemu’s process here; I love how liquid the strokes seem, totally in awe of how painting tools are progressing. Definitely itching to get my hands on some software to have a little play! I’ll admit they’re more passive depictions of youth, and while it can be argued that we don’t need any more pictures of pretty-girls-in-nice-outfits-sat-around doing-nothing, I think there’s something about her pieces that capture the passive/frustrated boredom of being a teenager.

Follow Mognemu on instagram , rifle through her catalog and fall down the pensive rabbit hole.

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