Let’s start at the very beginning…


How are you?

So much has happened during my time in Hong Kong, both with myself, back home and the rest of the world that I’ve got an urge to celebrate the small smiley things in each day. I’ve always been a magpie for blogs, and given how easy it is to make a shiny time capsule of your loves online it seems rude not to. Especially when blogging the perfect way to share a bit of your world and connect with people far away. So! Here it is. Art, films, trips, whatever! Uploaded it shall be.
Without any further ado, here’s my first culture check in…

Reading: Swing Time. It’s my first Zadie Smith *hides in shame* and I’m loving it! Filled with really detailed and seamless observations about ambition, growing pains, womanhood and friendships.

Ear worm: The Magic Position, Patrick Wolf. He is a glorious muse whose talent knows no bounds. Also, excellent cape game.

Obsessing over: The Handmaid’s Tale, Hulu. It’s been ages since I read it and what a bloody brilliant way to get reacquainted. Top dollar acting for this shrewdly imagined dystopia that’s too close for comfort.  Which brings me to my next two rays of sunshine Alan Watts and Jeremy Corbyn- for when you want some pointers  on how to be a good human.

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